22 Milham Street, St Marys, NSW 2760
PO Box 3042, St Marys South, NSW 2760
Phone: 0484 924 460

"The goal of our Church is reach out to our neighbours
with the Good News of Jesus Christ."

We extend a warm welcome to all our neighbours in Western Sydney and especially the St Marys, Penrith and Blacktown Communities to come together and experience Christian fellowship, pastoral care, encouragement and friendship as part of God's family.

Our Activities

“Growing together at St Paul's!”

Fellowship Groups meet regularly.
These groups provide opportunity for individual ministry and support, times of prayer and Bible discussion, as well as fellowship and outreach to the surrounding neighbourhoods. While the larger church gatherings fulfil an important role, these groups, being smaller in number allow closer one-on-one ministry, nurturing and prayer support. The Fellowship Care groups are an integral part of the St Paul's Lutheran Church's outreach into the community. They are crucial to the fulfilment of our vision of ministering the love of God to our community. Phone the Pastor to locate a group in your area, or to begin a new group.

The Kindergarten is an active working arm of St Paul's Lutheran Church, St Marys.
It is a long day care centre providing the proper guidance and quality care of preschool children as to their social, emotional, physical, education and spiritual needs. Phone 02 9623 6556 for further information on the Kindergarten, or visit the Kindergarten website at St Pauls Lutheran Kindergarten .

The Youth Group has activities for all age youngsters.
It is our vision to pass on to young people what God has done and is doing in their lives so that they come to know Him as their personal Creator, Saviour and Lord. We provide sound Bible teaching to our young people, presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly.
Youngsters from about the age of 10 can attend ‘Step up to Communion’, the first step toward confirmation, which will prepare young people to join us at the table of the Lord’s Supper; or a further study in preparation for confirmation as a member of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Small Group Bible Studies
meet regularly to discuss targeted books of the Old and New Testaments that address ultimate concerns. If you wish, you can join a group in progress, or organise a group of your own.

Pastoral Care is a ministry of selected members of the Church.
If you know someone who is homebound, a patient in a hospital or a resident in a nursing care centre, let us know, so we can arrange a visit.

Spiritual Counselling is a ministry of the Pastor of the Church.
You are welcome to call the Pastor to arrange to discuss any spiritual concern you may have.

The Ladies of St Paul's meet regularly, for fellowship and service.
Ladies Fellowship for all women meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month in Blacktown, and the 2nd Wednesday of each month in St Marys. This group of women meet for fellowship, bible study and Christian service. The Fellowship is part of the wider Ladies Fellowship of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Our Services

“Caring for our Community at St Paul's!”

If you would like to learn more about Jesus Christ,
about the Christian Church, about the Lutheran Church,
or about St Paul's Lutheran Church, please contact the office to arrange
a private visit;
a family visit;
a 'Step Up To Communion' or Confirmation class for children or adults;
or a wedding, baptism or funeral.

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