St Pauls Lutheran Community Church
St Paul's Lutheran Church,
St Marys, NSW

a Congregation of the Lutheran Church of Australia

Sacraments of the Lutheran Church

The Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion are the grace of God in action. They are Gospel. They are forgiveness given; salvation and life received. They are not what we do for Jesus, but what Jesus has done for us in His life, death, and resurrection.

Baptism marks us as children of the heavenly Father. In Baptism we have been buried into the death of Christ, so that all the benefits of His death become ours. In Baptism we have risen with Christ to a new life in which we now live forgiven of all our sins.
For this reason, we invite everyone to receive God's gift of baptism, and we invite parents to bring their children for baptism. Contact the Pastor to learn more about baptism.

Holy Communion
Holy Communion strengthens us as Christians, children of the Heavenly Father. In Holy Communion, Jesus affirms our new life in Him by giving us his Body and Blood, joining his body with ours and his blood with ours, so that our spirits are alive in Him.
In the light of this good news, we invite our fellow Christians to prepare themselves to share in the precious body and blood of Jesus, by meeting with the Pastor, to discuss this blessed sacrament.

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